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Jan. 30th, 2019

Guide to my raws

I've posted several entries containing raws, without cataloging any of them (as you know, this journal also contains other things besides raws, so I just post according to date). Therefore, I've decided to give you guys a few hints in managing my entire raw list:
  • All raw links are entered in entries under the TAG : RAWS.
  • First thing you have to do is click on the TAG RAWS in my tag list.
  • From there on, you have to check my entries in chronological order, because updates to future volumes of ongoing series and news regarding new or old series are constantly modified by me.
  • I advise you to check both old and new raw entries, because if I find new volumes for an existing raw manga, I will add it in the same post where I first entered that specific manga. Usually, a new post contains new series or news regarding my raws.
  • Please do not ask me where the rest of the volumes of a certain ongoing series are! I barely manage to read and respond to all requests, therefore there is no sense in me answering questions to which I myself have no precise answer to. I read all requests even if I don't reply and believe me, I don't forget which of the series in my list are ongoing and I frequently check for more volumes. So if there are no new volumes posted by me, it means I haven't found any new ones yet.
Thank you all and have fun leeching! Kisses!

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Aug. 2nd, 2009

Mystic and Rider by Sharon Shinn

Some books make you dream. Some make you laugh. Some keep you on the edge of your seat with every turn of the page. Some make you anxious and curious. Some make you cry and touch your heart. Sharon Shinn's "Mystic and Rider" novel, though not managing to reunite all the above, simply grows on you, no matter the preference you could have as a reader.

Not being the first fantasy novel I've read by this author, I knew I could expect Shinn to deliver an enthralling tale, yet I knew not what I was REALLY getting myself into...

With a startlingly fresh beginning, in which the narrator unravels the events from a mere inn keeper's perspective, I was caught in the wills of 6 travelers' adventure. The prose is fluid, not overly descriptive and the writing is as touching as I last remembered it to be, though not the most poetic. Shinn captures her characters exceedingly well and develops them with a swift and focused eye. If there is something that can spoil a good plot it's the lack of "good" characters. That evidently not being the case with this author, who always draws out such a lively and varied pallet of characters that simply can't fail. Thus, the reader meets haughty, beautiful, yet surprising mystic healer and shape changer Kirra, her faithful and watchful companion and childhood friend Donnal, also a shape changer, honest and soft-hearted Cammon, who finds his real identity along this adventure, restless and sharp-tongued young Justin, friend and fellow King's Rider along with Tayse, a restrained and seemingly calculated strong man, all of whom follow the lead of a mysterious and secretive woman, Senneth, who carries herself with the grandeur of a queen, yet shows the thoughtfulness and mercy few people do. A mystic above all else, Senneth leads this strangely complementary party of five through their country on a deadly mission in search of vital information for the king.

Does that ring a bell for you too? Well if it does, it's because I've started reading this series as a recommendation for a good follow-up to Lynn Kurland's "Nine kingdom" series. I had no idea what exactly will the similarities be, but I was happy to see that Shinn's series stands true and unique and the only evident parallel that can be drawn between the two being the plot aspect of having a group of people searching the land on a mission for their king. That and the fact that both Shinn and Kurland weave a delightful tale of love and adventure, each of them in their own, wonderful way.

While proving to be a master in characterization, Shinn also faces our expectations of an entertaining plot, riled with just the right amount of suspense. Both are handsomely drawn out, with the exact amount of anticipation a reader needs without turning it into an overly dramatic soap opera version of Lord of the Rings. The main characters have enough perilous encounters along the road to keep both them and the readers wide awake and fighting to go on. I can't remember once being anxious to finish a chapter, getting bored with the events or anticipating the action so fully that I'd lose interest in reading and for all the above I must thank the author for weaving the tale with such mastery and skill.

And since I can't seem to stop singing praises to this author and her novel, I will end by warmly recommending this first installment in The Twelve Houses series. I could find very little to complain about and that in itself is unexpected for me, who enjoys pointing out even the smallest or unimportant defect. Yes, Shin still constructs her villains rather plainly, mostly as linear characters and her prose is not as poetic as Juliet Marillier's or other authors, yet there is nothing beyond this that I could mention as a draw-back to the novel. Mystic and Rider is a jewel worth coveting and as such it is more than worth your reading time.

Rating : 4/5

Jul. 11th, 2009

Rendering back time

It took me a whole year in the depths of the capital city of what we call our country, almost 12 months of unchallenged patience and nearly 365 days of anything but accomplishing it to get back to were I am now.

Reality though has a bit of a twisted view on what we call as being real. She ain't the type to crave for rusty ol' Fleetwood Mac cds, nor the type to be touched by their feverish sound. I, on the other hand, am.

By the time I got back home, I had already forgotten what it's like to reinvent yourself, to take small steps when entering your parental home as if the floor might crack under your every move, to touch the very things that once used to be part of your everyday life as if rediscovering them a second time (that which you trully were...rediscovering, I mean).

So in thrall, I could no longer distinguish if I was in awe or simply in shock...not that it matters much. All I had to do is amusingly easy...touch the shiny discs, let the audio system do what it does best and enjoy the enchanting sound. Mesmerized, it all came back to me all at once...the sound of music.

"Thunder only happens when it's raining...hmmm...what you have and what you've lost...hmm..."

Dec. 14th, 2008

Future raw uploads (winter batch)

More raws, people!
Have fun downloading and request at will!

To the dowload links...Collapse )</div>

Oct. 3rd, 2008

Home sweet home!

After a long, but fruitful sojourn I have finally returned from the wilderness and not without some exotic souvenirs for my dear readers :D.

Here I find myself, replying to all my eager friends and acquaintaces, late as always and though I find it harder and harder to keep track of my imaginary yet oh-so-busy schedule (being the lazy wench that I most certainly am) I hope you're as happy to see me back as I am to answer you.

I am far from finished with uploading all the raws that everybody has asked for, but I advise you to check my previous entry Raw Collection - this is where I've uploaded requested series - and also my other post, entitled Raw Updates - I've added several new series of my liking and also updated ongoing series here - .

There is more to come and I fervently hope that you won't be too upset for my lack of replies to your messages, I'll get to that too, soon, but as I am quite sure, you're more interested in having me upload the raws first and answer the messages later.

As a last parting word (I've got to upload some more and tones of editing to do in my posts, you know....I can't chat with you all day...geez...:p) I encourage you to check my raw posts often in the next few days, for there is much to be seen.

Best wishes to all those that I hold dear or have yet to meet,
yours truly.

Sep. 1st, 2008


I know it's a bit late to let you all know about this, but I didn't have the chance up until now to post on my lj...Getting back to the main point, I've been away from home since late July and I won't return until the 1st of October. Things being so, I am unable to upload any of the RAWS requested, since I have all my "manga material" on my computer back home. I know it's a long wait, but since I had to leave Bucharest and return to my hometown for the summer, there is nothing I can do about it, except say "Gomen!!!" to you guys and that you please wait patiently for my return.

Hugs and kisses to you all,
your kawaii raw mistress :D (modest, aren't I?)

Aug. 3rd, 2008


Sleepless nights and white-hot fury...t'is all that the broken shards of glass reflect.

Never has one's reflection seem so amiss or detached. I like to think that the more "far away" the look in her eyes seems, the closer I get to that stranger staring back at me, yet I somehow find her rather beguiling.

A tout, yet encouraging smile curls on my lips every once in a while awaiting for her response, nonetheless she seems cold, uncaring still. Restlessness flows in waves deep inside my heart, curling down myriad paths to my stomach...she seems unable to sketch the most demeaning of grins, or may be she won't, this I am yet to be certain of. In a spiteful fit trying to seduce her enough to stare back at me, I cling to the thought that somehow forcefulness isn't the answer to this riddle and that she will willingly come to me. Besotted fool I am for not seeing she was bestowed with a silent dose of "savoir-faire" I have yet to understand or handle. Still, this all makes her look a bit more familiar now and my throbbing heart quiets down to the ritmic beat of drums and no longer howls at the speed of the western wind.

Ironic, isn't it? She finally smiles back at me...

Jul. 22nd, 2008

Stilettos, spunk and chocolate

Certainty.Women in our day and age need it, crave it and pay a high price for it. They fancy being in love, they mourn when their favorite pair of heels brake, they sing under the shower before a date, they smile back at you when you offer them flowers, they're crazy over cute shoes and frilly dresses, in fewer words they're a whole species altogether.

But first and foremost, a woman's most valuable jewel is their certainty, their control and security, be it monetary or sentimental.

So then, I ask myself, what's there to do when you feel it slipping through your fingers like the grains of sand in an hourglass? What do you do when no box of chocolate tastes as sweet as it used to or when no dress fits as well as it should and no date makes you shine as it once did?

You get up every darn morning asking yourself this, yet there is no concrete thing you can do to change it. You ponder this and that, meditate where you've gone wrong that you've gotten here or what step in the "How to have a happy life" feminist manual you've missed, yet nothing seems amiss. Why should it? After all, you've been doing your utter best up 'til this very moment for it all to be "grand". You've dyed and cut your hair in the latest fashion (and, by God, it suits you oh so smoothly), bought the perfect clothes for every damn day of the week and the shoes to fit with them, got the job (or the financiers...) to afford this type of lifestyle and the girlfriends ("pack of wolves" more like it...) to accompany you every step of the way, so what in the world is wrong with you?

It's shallow of me to say this, deary, but the moment you've started doing all of the bullshit above is the moment when it all went down the drain.

Jun. 1st, 2008

RAW UPDATES : more manhwas to chew on

Exams are just around the corner, yet here I am searching for more raws instead of studying...*sigh
I've been "emuling" like mad in the past few days and I've come across some new sharing material. Please let me know if any of them spark your interest (Simply request one or more of the titles bellow and I will gladly upload them) ! Note that all the following raws are in Korean!!!

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May. 16th, 2008

RAWS Collection

I've made an announcement not too long ago regarding my plans on reviving my raw thread. I've been reuploading old raws, but since my collection got rather "fluffy" along the way, I've decided to let you guys decide which mangas have priority. I'm posting a list with all my raws below and you can leave a reply, asking for the title you want. I'll upload the raws in this entry, according to your preferences, this way it's more efficient for both me and you guys.

P.S.: You can also request raws that aren't listed bellow and I'll try my best to find them for you! :)

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Apr. 5th, 2008

"Love only once" by Johanna Lindsey

Having been an avid reader for all of my life (mind that i am barely 19 and have yet to be a prophetess in this domain), I suddenly found it imperative, if not to share my opinions and beliefs, to at least write down some of the conclusions I've come to make while reading novels.

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Jan. 20th, 2008

Turning page for my Lj!

I have a few official notices to make regarding my Livejournal to both friends and other viewers!

As I clearly stated in my first entry ever to be made inside this Lj, I had little, if not no idea at all of what this livejournal will contain at first. I started out by posting a few of my raws, then ended up closing up the raws department and turning this into a gallery for my Photo Shop works for my friends alone...

Recently I've had a fleeting image of what I truly want to see posted in my Lj, so I'm going to make a long story short and tell you the most important changes to take place in the near future:

1. There will be a RAW MANGA/MANHWA SECTION, containing my entire collection to date with no passwords and opened to the public. I will not restrict these posts to friend's view alone, so anyone will be able to download at free will.

2. All my entries regarding my current works in Photo Shop and all the ones to come will remain available only to my friends, but i plan to enlarge my gallery soon and I look forward to your comments.

3. I plan on making a new section, where I will post everything regarding my recently discovered passion for paranormal romance novels (I don't want to get very detailed on this topic for now, since I wouldn't ever finish this entry if I did). From reviews on books I've read, mild comments and cover displays to information on future releases of a certain series...it's all going to be tagged under "paranormal romances".

For now, I don't have any other major changes up my sleeve which I haven't already mentioned above. I hope you will be looking forward to all this madness, as much as I already am and that you will be indulgent and patient with this poor fella here...*hugs and kisses

Oct. 21st, 2007

Bishie Harem

It's been a long time since my last entry, I know!!! Once my holiday ended, I had to get packed for UNI and prepare myself for moving to the capital...:D I've been really busy and tired, so I didn't have the chance to post my present from Kata, but I'll do it now.

She found this page in one of her raw volumes of H2O and thought that it fits our trio nicely. There wasn't much written in the bubbles back then (except our names), so this morning I decided to finish off this page. :D

Enjoy and laugh to your heart's content! tehehehe

(click on the pic for original size)

P.S.: Prema, now that your true face has become a public figure any mysterious disappearance of a bishie from our harems will lead to legal actions.

Aug. 24th, 2007

Laugh all you want...You have a reason to!

I have a thing for funny quizes (you must have already noticed that :P) and i couldn't resist posting such hilarious results.

Have fun reading and try them yourself if you're in the mood!


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